Companies and their premises

Welcome to Toivola Old Courtyard

Toivola Old Courtyard and the companies that operate at the courtyard would like to warmly welcome you to enjoy relaxed socialising and unforgettable experiences, whether on everyday occasions or special celebrations. All of the courtyard activities combine eagerness and joy in providing high-quality service to our guests – with a laid-back and jovial approach.

The courtyard and courtyard companies

The Valkoinen Puu café, Museum of Central Finland’s Craftsmen’s Houses, Sparvin Museum Shop, Toivola Courtyard Kiosk, Catering and events restaurant Paja, and Yarn Shop Titityy all operate at the courtyard and offer a range of things to see and do in groups or alone. The courtyard’s atmospheric events are a great opportunity to relax and socialise. Our diverse premises and the collaboration between the courtyard companies and our other partners enable the organisation of customers’ own events and celebrations, from small-scale private functions to events for up to 600 people.