Old Vicarage Lunch

Welcome to enjoy a delicious lunch in the atmospheric setting of the Old Vicarage.



Welcome to enjoy a delicious lunch at the Old Vicarage in Jyväskylä from Tuesday to Friday, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM. The lunch consists of a daily changing starter and dessert, along with two main course options. The dishes for the Vicarage lunch are inspired by seasonal ingredients and the historic setting.

Three-course lunch €17.50

includes fresh bread, water, and coffee or tea.

Lunch is paid for before dining, and all three courses are served at the table simultaneously.

Reservations for the Vicarage lunch can be made in advance using the form below. It is also possible to come for lunch without a reservation.

Welcome to enjoy a leisurely and atmospheric culinary journey at the Vicarage.