Yarn Shop Titityy

An internationally renowned knitter’s paradise

In the wing of Toivola Old Courtyard’s main building there is a door that leads to a true knitter’s paradise. Titityy inspires customers and draws inspiration from knitting, fantastic new yarn and all the wonderful things that bring everyday luxury to knitters. Titityy has its finger on the pulse of knitting, and collaborates with top designers around the world. Professionalism, a passion for knitting, and love for its work and customers emanates from everything Yarn Shop Titityy does. Titityy is also known for its quality, natural materials, and Finnish wool.

More than just a lovely yarn shop

Titityy serves knitters with passion and is more than “just” a yarn shop. Titityy provides expert service on choosing the right yarn and help with any other questions you might have, whether you’re a novice or a skilled knitter. The aim is to pass on the same enjoyment and yarn inspiration that Titityy’s staff experience every day. In addition to yarn, the shop also sells knitting supplies, crochet yarn, and knitting patterns. Titityy’s and all of Toivola Old Courtyard’s premises make a wide range of special events possible for knitters. Knitting meetings have become a regular evening occurrence, with knitters from near and far gathering together to knit and spend the evening in the shop. Also worth a mention is the Jyväskylä Summer Knitting Festival, which has been held since 2016.

Finnish yarn is a matter close to Titityy’s heart

Titityy holds Finnish yarn close to its heart, and its own brand Tukuwool is a carefully crafted treasure. TukuLove has spread worldwide and the yarn is available through 100 distributors in Europe and North America. All brands sold by Titityy are carefully selected. The range mainly includes natural fibre yarns from strong brands that value eco-friendliness, ethical production, and quality. Behind the range is a desire to offer trending products as well as long-time classics in a wide variety of colours.

Online yarn service

Titityy’s online shop at titityy.fi is open 24/7. Products can be ordered conveniently online for collection from your chosen location or directly from the shop. Titityy’s online shop is run with the same passion as the brick-and-mortar store. In addition, Titityy’s online shop provides a huge selection of premium yarn, plenty of product information, and quick dispatch.

Yarn Shop Titityy


Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm
Sat 10am - 4pm
Sun Closed

Cygnaeuksenkatu 2
40100 Jyväskylä

Contact information:
040 487 4779