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Toivola Old Courtyard

Toivola Old Courtyard provides a rare glimpse into Jyväskylä’s old wooden town. The city-centre courtyard is now a hub for high-quality services, where guests can enjoy coffee, shop in boutiques, visit the free museum, eat lunch or a multi-course dinner, organise their own events, attend Toivola’s events, or just relax and enjoy themselves.

You can get in touch with us using the form below or contact us directly using our contact information. If you would like to enquire about organising an event, please use the designated contact form.

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Toivola Old Courtyard

Event production, property and venue hire

Arto Hakanen
Courtyard Manager
+358 41 466 7982

Toivola Old Courtyard companies

Catering and events restaurant Paja

+358 44 491 0060


Craftsmanship Museum and Sparvin Museum Shop

+358 50 563 8823

Getting to Toivola

Toivola Old Courtyard is located at the address Cygnaeuksenkatu 2, 40100 Jyväskylä. You can reach Toivola on foot, by bus, or by car.

On foot

  • 750 metres or 9 minutes from the Travel centre
  • 750m or 10 minutes from the harbour
  • 500m or 6 minutes from Kirkkopuisto park
  • 750m or 9 minutes from the city-centre compass

By bus

The bus terminal for local buses is near the Jyväskylä city library, around 200m from Toivola. The gate to Toivola is at the end of Cygnaeuksenkatu street, which leads down from the library bus stop.

By car

Toivola Old Courtyard does not have its own car park. There is plenty of parking facing Hannikaisenkatu street, and on-street parking in the immediate vicinity of Toivola along Cygnaeuksenkatu and Vapaudenkatu. The closest car park is Jyväs-Parkki’s P-Cygnaeus at the address Vapaudenkatu 35.