Paja catering and events restaurant

A symphony of flavours, visuals, and service

Catering and events restaurant Paja provides a catering service for every meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner. A visit to aesthetic Paja is a symphony of flavours, visuals, and service. The premises used to be a smithy, but the forge and anvils have made way for another set of tools and skills. The beautifully renovated and decorated restaurant still retains Paja’s original purpose and spirit.

Paja catering and events restaurant



Cygnaeuksenkatu 2
40100 Jyväskylä

Contact information:
+358 44 491 0060

Love and international success

Paja’s team has experience in Finland from Helsinki to Lapland, and all over the world from Antarctica and South Africa to Singapore – the list goes on. Along the way, the team has worked in a wide range of tasks, including as cooks and chefs in top international restaurants. The team draws on influences from their global experiences and its members have achieved top rankings in national competitions and young chef of the year titles. Inspired by Finland and their international travels, Paja’s team creates a wide variety of flavour combinations using fresh and high-quality ingredients. The place settings, presentation and first-class service mean that the dining experience is a treat for all the senses. Paja is continually modernising and always offers its customers the very best, and that’s why its team enjoys their work – a happy team provides service with love.

Paja’s services for meetings, events, and private functions

Paja’s modern equipment makes it an excellent meeting venue. It has a wireless internet connection, high-quality meeting technology, a wireless headset with microphone, and a Genelec speaker system that can be connected to an electric piano, for example. Paja can adapt to meet the needs of high-quality celebrations and other events. Paja itself can act as a venue for up to 36 people, but the restaurant’s services are available for the entire Toivola Old Courtyard, so if necessary, Paja can provide high-quality catering for events of up to 600 people. In addition to catering services, Paja also works as a seasonal restaurant at events in Toivola Old Courtyard. Paja also serves as a venue for a range of themed events, like chefs’ visits.

Paja’s team is happy to customise the best possible solution to meet the customer’s needs. Ready-made meeting packages, menus and group menus are also available.

Operations are run by Art Catering, renowned for quality

Art Catering is responsible for Catering and event restaurant Paja’s operations. It is known for its high-quality catering services and passion for its work. The same people also run the small food factory Art Food Heaven, whose products you may have already enjoyed, such as the Pahis compote or Art Gelato ice cream.