Toivola Old Courtyard

“Toivola Old Courtyard is great for anyone with a curious mind, who longs for a sense of community, and for “oasis in the city” romanticism.”

Toivolan vanha piha - Järjestä juhlat tai tapahtuma

Jyväskylä’s most beautiful courtyard - experiences from dawn to dusk

Toivola Old Courtyard – known to its friends simply as “Toivola” – is a unique 19th century craftsman’s courtyard with a fascinating history. To this day, the courtyard is home to high-quality services. The relaxed and upbeat meeting point aims to bring joy to visitors and provide unforgettable experiences. Once you step through the gates, you’ll find a wide range of history combined with the present day, art, culture, events, craftsmanship, kindness, atmosphere, food, and drink – as much, or as little, as you want. Toivola is located right in the city centre of Jyväskylä, but that is quickly forgotten once you’re inside the gates. Leave all your troubles at the gate and step into the unhurried idyll, where you can relax and unwind.

Toivolan vanha piha järjestä oma tapahtuma tai juhlat

City culture and idyllic tranquillity in a 19th-century courtyard

Toivola Old Courtyard’s charm comes from its unique and historically valuable environment. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Toivola belonged to smith Herman Toivola, after whom the courtyard is named. Once you step through the gates, you are transported into a timeless world where the history of Jyväskylä and its present day go hand in hand. The beautiful courtyard is surrounded by charming wooden buildings of various sizes, a rare glimpse into Jyväskylä’s old wooden town. The Toivola plot is the only piece of the history of Jyväskylä’s 19th century wooden town that remains intact. Each building has its own story that goes back more than 200 years. Learn more about the buildings’ stories and surroundings under the fairy lights in the courtyard, while beautiful music plays quietly in the background. There is a small kiosk in the centre of the courtyard and pieces of art in the undulating courtyard. The wooden buildings are home to a range of companies and operators united by a passion for their work. You can pop in for a coffee, visit the Craftsmanship Museum, or shop in a boutique without losing the unique atmosphere of the courtyard.

People create the atmosphere at Toivola

The world of Toivola Old Courtyard is full of experiences and joy. Its vitality comes from relaxed and happy encounters between people. Toivola’s story draws on the lives of various people who lived between the 19th century and the present day. For example, the courtyard has housed the smithy of its original owner, Herman Toivola, as well as a maternity hospital. In 2010, the Museum of Central Finland’s craftsmen’s houses were moved to the plot, and belong to the oldest buildings still standing in Jyväskylä. Since the 19th century, the courtyard has been home to a number of different communities and families. Continuing that tradition, the gates are open to everyone who wants to enjoy everyday life and special occasions a little more than usual. Toivola began to operate in its current form in the 2000s. Margo Saxberg, who was the first to own the courtyard in its “new era”, and the current owner, Arto Hakanen, have developed the courtyard in collaboration with the companies operating at the courtyard and other interest groups to ensure that the courtyard forms a thriving and tasteful overall experience. At the same time, the historic value of the courtyard is preserved for all to see and experience to this day. Toivola’s unique and historically valuable environment is simultaneously shared by and individual to everyone who visits.

Learn about the history of the courtyard and its buildings in more detail.

High-quality services and a twinkle in our eye

In its modern form, the courtyard and its services allow for relaxed encounters and unforgettable experiences, whether on everyday occasions or special celebrations. All of the courtyard activities combine eagerness and joy in providing high-quality service to our guests – with a laid-back and jovial approach. The Valkoinen Puu café, Museum of Central Finland’s Craftsmen’s Houses, Sparvin Museum Shop, Toivolan Pihakioski kiosk, Paja catering and events restaurant, and Yarn Shop Titityy all operate at the courtyard and offer a range of things to see and do in groups or alone. The courtyard’s atmospheric events are a great place for relaxing and socialising. Our wide range of premises and the collaboration between the companies operating at the courtyard and our other partners make it possible to organise our customers’ own events and celebrations, from small-scale private functions to events for up to 600 people.