Toivola Warehouses

Atmospheric warehouses for parties and events

Toivola Old Courtyard’s outbuilding dates back to 1896 and it used to contain two warehouses with lofts. Nowadays the beautifully atmospheric Toivola Warehouses act as versatile venues for customer events and special occasions. They have been the venue for mini trade fairs and a wide range of occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. During Toivola’s Christmas Courtyard, the Warehouses are converted into a festive Christmas shop.

Versatile and beautiful Warehouses

The Warehouses are equipped with radiators that make it possible to use the stores as indoor premises from early spring until late autumn. The Warehouses can be used all year round for different events and celebrations. The Warehouses have capacity for up to 60 people. Overall, Toivola can accommodate events of up to 600 people.

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