Summer in Toivola 29.5.–21.8.2021

Summer in Toivola is full of relaxed and cheerful encounters. In addition to the opportunity to spend some time together, there will be a lot of entertainment and delicious summer food available. We welcome you to enjoy Summer in Toivola with us!

Summer in Toivola is about entertainment and relaxation

In the summer, the Toivola Old Courtyard is a beautiful and atmospheric oasis for spending time, relaxing and enjoying entertainment. Throughout the summer, the courtyard is open daily.

In addition to a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, the courtyard offers services such as, for example, delicious summer food and tasty drinks, amazing performances, art, culture, design and history. The bottom line is that Toivola wants to delight people – by offering something for everyone.

You can find the opening hours of the various services here.

We welcome you to enjoy a relaxing Summer in Toivola with us!

Toivolan Summer Opening 29.5.2021

Toivola Summer Opening is a relaxed, delicious, cheerful and absolutely atmospheric event.

The summer brings seasonal delicacies with it. This means that it is time for Catering and Event Restaurant Paja to transform into the Toivola Summer Restaurant. The Yard Kiosk will also update its menu to include summery treats and drinks.

The atmosphere of the summer evening will be completed by conductor, pianist Lasse Hirvi and singer Emma Balbatsu, who will perform in the courtyard from 19.00 to 21.00.


Toivola Summer Saturdays 5.6.–31.7.2021

Every day is a good day to visit Toivola. However, Toivola Summer Saturdays deserve their own special mention. They offer entertainment and a chance to enjoy being together, not to mention music that completes the atmosphere of summer Saturdays.

Spending time together cannot get better than this – welcome!

The musical story tour of the Toivola Old Courtyard on Sundays 30.5.-29.8.2021

Olga Kolari has a passion for the cultural traditions of Central Finland. She will lead participants of the Toivola Old Courtyard musical story tour into the world of the wooden building period of Jyväskylä in the 1800s, artisans in the young city of Jyväskylä and, of course, the history of the Toivola Old Courtyard. On the same tour, visitors get to enjoy Central Finnish kantele music, played with a stick in the traditional style of old folk musicians.
The story tours are available on Sundays, 30.5.–29.8.2021 at 12.00. You can read more or sign up here.

Viitasen Piia in Toivola 12.6.2021

Yes, Viitasen Piia is performing in Toivola on 12.6.2021!

Viitasen Piia is a band led by singer-songwriter Piia Viitanen, and they certainly do not leave their audiences cold. Intriguing stories combined with the band’s great interpretations are sure to evoke strong feelings – Viitasen Piia is a genuine experience.

The gig is a part of the Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival, which will consist of numerous small events this year. Lankakauppa Titityy celebrates its 15th anniversary by offering this gig free of charge for the audience.
We welcome you to enjoy the experience!

Lalli Savolainen at the Toivola House 6.–16.7.2021

In July, you can enjoy clothes designer, stylist, hair and makeup artist Lalli Savolainen’s visit to the Toivola house. Lalli is a charismatic, unique and warm-hearted person, and he will bring a variety of clothes, make-up and design with him. You do not have to settle for just admiring these items – some of them will also be for sale.

Jyväskylän Kesä in Toivola 7.–13.7.2021

This year, we will be celebrating the 66th Jyväskylän Kesä festival, and Toivola is proud to participate. During the event, Toivola offers, for example:
The Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival 8.–11.7.2021, organized by Jyväskylän Kesä and Lankakauppa Titityy. This involves a range of events, such as the Corona Knit Parade, Knitting Brunch, Villapesuohjelma’s Remote Knitting and Knitting Dating, Great Knitting Evening and the Yarn Market. You can also take a selfie at the Crazy Knitter selfie station.

Heavy Metal Knitting 2021 World Championship viewing on Friday 9.7.2021. The participants compete for the championship by knitting to heavy metal music. The final will take place in Joensuu, and it can be viewed at Toivola Old Courtyard from 18 o’clock onwards.

A modern tango orchestra from Finnish Lapland, Lehtojärven Hirvenpää, will perform in Toivola on Saturday 10.7.2021 from 20.00. Harri Kuusijärvi’s progressive and striking compositions and Jaakko Laitinen’s lyrics, which explore the foundations and structures life and reality, form a unique combination.

Toivola Old Courtyard and its services will be open to visitors throughout the event. Visit this page to see what else Jyväskylän Kesä has to offer.

Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival in Toivola 8.–11.7.2021

The Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival will be taking place for the fifth time. Organized by Jyväskylän Kesä and Yarnshop Titityy, the festival involves, for example, the Corona Knit Parade, Knitting Brunch, Villapesuohjelma’s Remote Knitting and Knitting Dating, Great Knitting Evening and the Yarn Market.

You can combine fun and profit by visiting Titityy’s Crazy Knitter selfie station. By taking a picture of yourself and the Crazy Knitter statue and sharing the picture on social media with the hashtag #hulluneuloja, you get a chance to win a yarn package in a draw! The draw will take place on Titityy’s 15th anniversary, on 11.9.

Jyväskylän Kesä also offers numerous other interesting events – you can check them out here.

Toivolan vanha piha tapahtumat

Canceled due to COVID-19 situation: The Venetian Festival and Kaitafilmijuhlat in Toivola 27.–29.8.2021

Canceled due to COVID-19 situation!

Summer in Toivola ends with a bang: the Venetian festival and Kaitafilmijuhlat will be held in Toivola 27.–29.8.2021.

You can expect a relaxed atmosphere, a variety of tasty foods, music and other events – and of course, narrow gauge films (known in Finland as kaitafilmi). Remember to add this event to your calendar well in time!